1.1 For (Durbin – Burke)
1.2 Memories of You (Blake Razaf)
1.3 Blue Skies (Berlin)
1.4 Don´t Blame Me (Fields McHugh)
1.5 Where or When (Rodgers Hart)
1.6 Pastel (Garner)
1.7 Trio (Garner)
1.8 Erroll´s Bounce (Garner)
1.9 Erroll´s Blues (Garner)
1.10 I Can´t Escape From You (Robin Whiting)
1.11 Stairway To The STars (Malneck Signorelli)
1.12 Play, Piano, Play (Garner)
1.13 Love Is The Strangest Game (Jacobs)
1.14 Blues Garni (Garner)
1.15 Don´t Worry `Bout Me (Koehler Bloom)
1.16 Loose Nut (Garner)
1.17 Love For Sale (Porter)
1.18 Frankie And Johnny Fantasy (Trad.,)
2.1 Sloe Gin Fizz (Garner)
2.2 Blue Lou Part 1 (Mills Sampson)
2.3 Blue Lou Part 2 (Mills Sampson)
2.4 One O´Clock Jump (Basie Mundy Ebbins)
2.5 Two O´Clock Jump (Basie Mundy Ebbins)
2.6 Three O´Clock Jump (Basie Mundy Ebbins)
2.7 Four O´Clock Jump (Basie Mundy Ebbins)
2.8 Lover Part 1 (Rodgers Hart)
2.9 Lover Part 2 (Rodgers Hart)
2.10 Cherchez La Femme (Garner)
2.11 Lover Man (Ramirez Davis)
2.12 What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter)
2.13 Early In Paris (Garner)
2.14 These Foolish Thing (Reminds Me Of You) (Link Strachey Maschwitz)
2.15 I Surrender, Dear (Barris Clifford)
2.16 I Only Have Eyes For You (Warren Dublin)
2.17 Stompin` At The Savoy (Sampson Goodman Webb Razaf)
2.18 I Cover The Waterfront (Green Heyman)
2.19 It´s Easy to Remember (Rodgers Hart)
3.1 Penthouse Serenade (Jason Burton)
3.2 Love Walked In (Gershwin Gershwin)
3.3 September Song (Anderson Weill)
3.4 Body And Soul (Heyman Sour Eyton Green)
3.5 All The Things You Are (Kern Hammerstein II)
3.6 I Don´t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You (Young Washington Crosby)
3.7 Yesterdays (Harbach Kern)
3.8 Goodbye (Jenkins)
3.9 A Cottage For Sale (Robinson Conley)
3.10 I´m In The Mood For Love (McHugh Fields)
3.11 I Can´t Believe That You´re In Love With Me (McHugh Gaskill)
3.12 More That You Know (Youmans Rose)
3.13 Undecided (Robin Shavers)
3.14 Red Sails In The Sunset (Williams Kennedy)
3.15 All Of Me (Marks Simons)
3.16 Over The Rainbow (Arlen Harburg)
3.17 Cherokee Part 1 (Noble)
3.18 Cherokee Part 2 (Noble)
4.1 When Johnny come Marching Home (Trad.)
4.2 It Could Happen To You (Burke Van Heusen)
4.3 I Don´t Know Why (Turk Ahlert)
4.4 My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers Hart)
4.5 When You´re Smiling (Fisher Goodwin Shay)
4.6 Long Ago And Far Away (Kern)
4.7 Poor Butterfly (Golden Hubbell)
4.8 Spring Is Here (Rodgers Hart)
4.9 The Petite Waltz (Heyne Ellington Claire)
4.10 The Petite Waltz Bounce (Heyne Ellington Claire)
4.11 Lover (Hart Rodgers)
4.12 How High The Moon (Hamilton Lewis)
4.13 People Will Say We´re In Love (Hammerstein II Rodgers)
4.14 Laura (Mercer Raskin)
4.15 I Cover The Waterfront (Green Heyman)
4.16 Penthouse Serenade (Jason Burton)
4.17 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields Kern)
4.18 Body And Soul (Heyman Sour Eyton Green)
5.1 Indiana (Macdonald Hanley)
5.2 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf Waller)
5.3 I´m In The Mood For Love (Fields McHugh
5.4 I Can´t Get STarted (Gershwin Duke)
5.5 Play, Piano, Play (Garner)
5.6 Undecided (Robin Shavers)
5.7 You´re Blase (Sievier Hamilton)
5.8 Sophisticated Lady (Mills Parish Ellington)
5.9 Ain´t TShe Sweet? (Yellen Ager)
5.10 I Didn´t Know (Garner)
5.11 Fine And Dandy (James Swift)
5.12 Robbin´s Nest (Thompson Jacquet)
5.13 Please Don´t Talk About Me When I´m Gone (Claire Stept)
5.14 It´s The Talk Of The Town (Symes Neiburg Livingston)
5.15 You´re Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)
5.16 Ja-Da (Carleton)
5.17 Summertime (Heyward Gershwin)
5.18 I Never Know (Rito Kahn)
5.19 Misty (Garner Burke)



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