DVD1-1 A Head Full Of Dreams
Live In Buenos Aires
CD1-1 A Head Full Of Dreams
CD1-2 Yellow
CD1-3 Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
CD1-4 The Scientist
CD1-5 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
CD1-6 Paradise
CD1-7 Always In My Head
CD1-8 Magic
CD1-9 Everglow
CD1-10 Clocks
CD1-11 Midnight
CD1-12 Charlie Brown
CD2-1 Hymn For The Weekend
CD2-2 Fix You
CD2-3 Viva La Vida
CD2-4 Adventure Of A Lifetime
CD2-5 De Música Ligera
CD2-6 Colour Spectrum
CD2-7 In My Place
CD2-8 Amor Argentina
CD2-9 Something Just Like This
CD2-10 A Sky Full Of Stars
CD2-11 Up&Up
CD2-12 End Credits
Live In São Paulo (120 min.)
DVD2-1 A Head Full Of Dreams
DVD2-2 Yellow
DVD2-3 Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
DVD2-4 The Scientist
DVD2-5 Birds
DVD2-6 Paradise
DVD2-7 Always In My Head
DVD2-8 Magic
DVD2-9 Everglow
DVD2-10 Clocks
DVD2-11 Midnight
DVD2-12 Charlie Brown
DVD2-13 Hymn For The Weekend
DVD2-14 Fix You
DVD2-15 Viva La Vida
DVD2-16 Adventure Of A Lifetime
DVD2-17 Colour Spectrum
DVD2-18 Us Against The World
DVD2-19 In My Place
DVD2-20 Paulistanos
DVD2-21 Something Just Like This
DVD2-22 A Sky Full Of Stars
DVD2-23 Up&Up
DVD2-24 End Credits



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