A1 ‘tain’t Nobody’s Bizz-ness If I Do
A2 Down Hearted Blues
A3 Gulf Coast Blues
A4 Keeps On A-rainin’ (papa He Can’t Make No Time)
A5 Aggravatin’ Papa
A6 Beale Street Mama
A7 Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
A8 Oh Daddy Blues
A9 Mama’s Got The Blues
A10 Outside Of That
A11 Bleeding Hearted Blues
A12 Lady Luck Blues
A13 Yodeling Blues
A14 Midnight Blues
A15 If You Don’t I Know Who Will
A16 Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine
A17 Jailhouse Blues
A18 St. Louis Gal
A19 Sam Jone’s Blues
A20 Graveyard Dream Blues
B1 Cemetery Blues
B2 Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time
B3 My Sweetie Went Away
B4 Far Away Blues
B5 I’n Going Back To My Used-to-be
B6 Any Woman’s Blues
B7 Chicago Bound Blues
B8 Mistreatin’ Daddy
B9 Frosty Mornin’ Blues
B10 Haunted House Blues
B11 Eavesdropper’s Blues
B12 Easy Come, Easy Go Blues
B13 Sorrowful Blues
B14 Pinchbacks – Take ‘em Away
B15 Rocking Chair Blues
B16 Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down
B17 Boweavil Blues
B18 Hateful Blues
B19 Frankie Blues
B20 Moonshine Blues
C1 Lou’siana Low Down Blues
C2 Mountain Top Blues
C3 Work House Blues
C4 House Rent Blues
C5 Salt Water Blues
C6 Rainy Weather Blues
C7 Weeping Willow Blues
C8 The Bye Bye Blues
C9 Follow The Deal On Down
C10 Sinful Blues
C11 Woman’s Trouble Blues
C12 Love Me Daddy Blues
C13 Sing Sing Prison Blues
C14 Dying Gambler’s Blues
C15 The St. Louis Blues
C16 Reckless Blues
C17 Sobbin’ Hearted Blues
C18 Cold In Hand Blues
C19 You’ve Been A Good Ole Wagon
C20 Cake Walking Babie (from Home)
D1 The Yellow Dog Blues
D2 Soft Pedal Blues
D3 Nashville Woman’s Blues
D4 Careless Love Blues
D5 Dixie Flyer Blues
D6 J.c. Holmes Blues
D7 I Ain’t Goin’ To Play No Second Fiddle
D8 He’s Gone Blues
D9 Nobody’s Blues But Mine
D10 I Ain’t Got Nobody
D11 My Man Blues
D12 New Gulf Coast Blues
D13 Florida Bound Blues
D14 At The Christmas Ball
D15 I’ve Been Mistreated And I Don’t Like It
D16 Red Mountain Blues
D17 Golden Rule Blues
D18 Lonesome Desert Blues
D19 Them Has Been Blues
D20 Squeeze Me



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